Puffy Quilt Afghan

I designed this afghan pattern to match the puffy quilt comforter on my bed in color and style (sort of).  This is how it came to be named the Puffy Quilt Afghan. Below is a close up of the 3 different panels. There are 3 diamond pattern repeats and two cable pattern repeats in different colors. The green celery color has flecks of the other two colors running through it which is not clear ineither picture. I used size 7 circulars and made this wide enough to fit my king size bed.

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Matching square pillows done on size 9 needles. I worked the panel for Pattern 2 with a 5 stitch side garter border and a 5 row top and bottom garter border. The backs are plain reverse stockinette with the same borders. 
The Celery"roll" pillow was done in Pattern 1 on size 11 needles with a 5 row garter stitch top and bottom border and a 10 stitch side garter stitch border.. I had an old pillow that used to go on my couch that I rolled and sewed the ends together and I knitted the square big enough to wrap around it. I sewed the 3 sides making a tube and slipped the pillow in and then sewed the end closed. Gather each end and run a ribbon through the holes and tie a bow.
Email me for photos of the afghan and pillows